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Training Features

  • Personalized training developed for YOUR child(ren).
  • We will create a program that attacks their physical, emotional, and mental needs.
  • We will develop a program that will build confidence and knowledge.
  • We will use parachutes, restraint bands, light weights, vertical boxes, pads, medicine balls, and ladders.

Lesson Programming

  • Dribbling skills: Learning to dribble with your head up, left and right hand dribbling, learning to dribble harder (pound dribble), crossover dribble, scissor dribble (Between the legs), backup dribble (reverse dribble) dribbling up and on the court, full court dribble drills, breaking the trap, pocket dribble, and SO much more!
  • Shooting: Shooting form (basics and understanding), learn to correct your own form, shooting off a stationary dribble, shooting of a moving dribble, catch and shoot, bank shot shooting, hook shot shooting, floater shooting
  • Defense Basics: Learning different defenses sets (Man to man and different zone defenses)
  • Defense Skills: Techniques and IQ related to defense (ex. Defending the pick and roll)
  • Rebounding Skills: Teaching players how to use their body to the best of their abilities
  • Layup Practice: Believe it or not, one of the most important elements to a game is finishing at the basket.
  • Conditioning & Agility: Coach West is a genius at building endurance and developing footwork with and without the ball!


Please contact Hoops There It Is to find out about available dates, times and locations for private and semi-private sessions. We can work the training around your schedule.