Motivational Speaking

Resume & Background

Mr. McGuire has been an educator for 17 years. He has taught in high school in Jersey City. From there he became a middle school teacher in Elizabeth for 15 plus years.

In his tenure he has played many roles:

  • Social studies teacher for grades 6th through 8th (16 years)
  • School Leadership Committee member
  • 8th grade math teacher for 4 years
  • Coached middle school basketball, baseball, soccer, track, and softball
  • Chairman for Equal opportunity committee
  • Chairman for discipline committee
  • Graduation Coordinator and master of ceremonies
  • Chairman for 8th grade prom committee (raised over $23,000)
  • Director of Social Studies for schools #17, #27, and # 23
  • Chairman and Coordinator of 9/11/2001 fundraiser (raised $1934 in pennies for Elizabeth families)
  • Black and Woman History Month Chairman
  • Master Degree in Educational Leadership, Walden University (3.88 Magna com laude) (2009)
  • Creator, Owner, and director of Hoops There It Is Basketball (2006)
  • Creator and Director of GymAdemics educational program (2013)
  • Motivational Speaker and Tour Coordinator (2015)

Motivational Speaking Topic: “100 years tour of Bruises”

Overcome challenges and building an active school and community! Whether it is through teaching, coaching, or through the many school leadership roles John McGuire has become an active community member and a life long learner. He is ready to share his important motivational messages and overcoming bruises of life and being an effective community member. He has a message of hope, life, and perseverance.

This presentation is technology based (Prezi-perfect program) and interactive for teachers, students, and staff. All school members will walk out with a sense of togetherness, hope, and sense of belonging to your community, and an empowerment as an individual.

The presentation is geared for middle school and high school.

Elementary school version coming soon!