Academic Enrichment Program


Students will excel in academics and sports in life thanks to proper and early exposure to these fundamentals. A child has the opportunity to learn and grow in such an enriching environment with trained professionals.

Elementary School Programs

​ The lessons are easily modified to meet the needs of older students as well. It is still vital to reinforce the fundamentals of academics and sports. Each lesson is customized around the teacher’s current lesson plans.

  • Recognizes Letters, shapes, colors, numbers, and sight words
  • Literacy and Mathematics
  • Readers
  • Creative Writing & Journalism
  • Math, Science and Technology

Our Program perfectly blends our knowledge and expertise of sports and academics called GymAdemics! Children will be educated in the foundations, skills, and rules of all age-appropriate sports. Teamwork is a big focus in every class. While actively engaging them in the athletic activity, students are simultaneously challenged academically. Differentiated instruction is developed after the “FIRST CLASS!”

  • GymAdemics will perform an entrance exam with the assistance of the classroom teachers. From there, we create a plan of differentiated instruction for each student.
  • Students will play within a friendly and learning environment. Our many years as educators and coaches, we build the optimum classroom setting.

We can come to your school OR we can set up a class trip to visit us!