Thursday Trainings

This program is for children boys and girls of ALL ages and abilities:

  • Every Thursday-December 15 & 22 then every week from January through March 16 on Thursdays
  • YMHA located at 501 Greene Lane Union
  • 4:00-5:30 pm
  • Training $5 for Knights and $10 for everyone else or reserve the package for $82.00   $96.00 per session

Training Program:

We are going to develop the players abilities to improve in the following areas:

Get a real AAU experienced practice without all the travel and demands!

  • Dribbling with both hands, keeping their head up and able to master dribbling styles (pound dribble, pocket dribble, crossover, scissors, behind the back, spin move and understand when to use various dribbles in game situations
  • Layups using both hands, finger rolls too
  • Shooting form- teaching the proper for and educating the players on shooting properly to “fix themselves”
  • Defensive skills and understanding (various zone defenses and man to man) footwork and defensive skills as well
  • Passing skills
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Teaching character, coach-ability and improved attitude
  • Teaching a love for the game

Payments: can be made by cash or check at the gym!