Clinic Information

 Clinics runs in three seasons: Fall, winter, and spring (Always on Saturday late afternoon and nights)

One season: $220 (discount for Knight Club member-player on the AAU team)

Two seasons: $420 (Save $25-one Free clinic)  (Knight Club member is discounted)

ALL year long: $600 (Save $50-two free clinics) (Knight Club member is discounted)

New players MUST pay $25 for new Jersey. Bring to every clinic was your receive your reversible jersey for games during clinic

*In order to enjoy the Knights Club discount, MUST be current player within the clinic season.

4:00-5:30 pm Kindergarten through 2nd grade
5:30-7:00 pm Grade 3rd-4th grades
7:00-8:30 pm Middle school grades

8:30-10:00 pm High school grades

Location  RPD Court 205 West Westfield Ave Roselle Park, NJ


Fall Season: 13 sessions

Saturday nights September up to Thanksgiving


Winter Season: 13 sessions

First Saturday weekend in December then returns in January through March


Spring Season: 13 sessions

First Saturday at the beginning of April through June


Clinic curriculum and Information


Kindergarten-2nd graders will enjoy:

  • 45 minutes of challenging high level training, conditioning and Basketball IQ and knowledge
  • Three 15 minute high level section   first 30 minutes in the instructional parts and final 15 minutes is application of skill/knowledge
  • After 45 minutes of quality and engaging instruction followed by a fun and inclusive scrimmage.
  • We started this format  years ago and the players and parents loved it!
  • We use a wireless headset microphones!
  • Players will get play by play instructions
  • While parents enjoy play by play announcement.
  • Players will learn the fundamentals of basketball.
  • Rules, skills, knowledge, and a positive experience!
  • Every player will receive a reversible jersey.

3rd grade through high school grades:

***NEW FORMAT!!!   Our new philosophy-set the bar high and support them to get there. Even the novice will achieve great results. We have seen it!

  • 45 minutes of challenging high level training, conditioning and Basketball IQ and knowledge
  • Three 15 minute high level section   first 30 minutes in the instructional parts and final 15 minutes is application of skill/knowledge
  • The 45 minute game will enforce the important fundamental skills and teach them the understanding of the game.
  • Game situations coached, guided, and structured by Hoops There It Is staff
  • We will properly prepare them for their AAU, travel, high school, and recreation seasons.
  • Our players will enjoy playing the game during our 13 week season
  • Players will leave with new knowledge, confidence, and (of course) skills.
  • They will learn in a fun, yet committed way.
  • Players will enjoy “Coaches Timeouts” where everyone will stop on the floor and see the game in an insightful way.
  • Our players learn the game while they play.
  • These players will gain an advantage that only very few will have going into the travel season and recreation basketball.
  • Obviously, the older the player, the higher the expectations and level of rigor.
  • This group will still enjoy music and play by play action.
  • Every player will receive a reversible jersey.

Week One: Ball handling & Outlet           Boxing out/rebounding/ footwork       Application: Running the fast break

Week Two: Post work and footwork        Pick and roll offense and defense          App: Pick and roll off and defense

Week Three: Man to Man defense            Zone defense                                            App:Operating under both defenses

Week Four: Ball handling part two          Shooting form and on dribble               App:Dribbling and shooting drills

Week Five: Ball movement                       Help defense                                              App: Shell defense/moving without ball

Week Six:     End of the game defense      End of the game offense                         App: End of the game situations

Week Seven:  Pregame prep                      Conditioning                                           App: Conditioning/mental toughness

Week Eight:    Ball handling part three      Communicating on defense                 App:1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2,  3 vs. 3, 4 vs. 4

Week Nine:   Screens                                 Defending the screen                                 App:Screen offense and defense

Week Ten:      Review and Assessment                                                                          App:Putting it all together

Week Eleven: Conditioning                   Shooting & foul shots                                 App:Shooting and agility drills

Week Twelve: Defensve leadership          Offensive leadership                               App: In game situations

Final Week:    Putting the clinic season together  60 minute intense game followed parents vs. players (20 minutes)   Final 10 is our team meeting