From the Coach of the Chinese Olympic  team:

“John You were great!”  I loved the Charlie Chaplin routine and was very impressed with your patience in coaching the kids.”
He coached the Chinese Olympic team team about 15 years ago. 

Various comments made by our parents:

My boys started today and really enjoyed it.”
“Your involvement has made an immediate, positive impact on them and I am grateful for your involvement in our local programs!”  K.B.

“Saturday was very successful in my eyes.”  M.P.

“To whom it may concern,

I enrolled my son, Austin, for a week  of the “Hoops, there it is” summer basketball camp for the first time this year.  My only regret is that I did not enroll him for a longer period of time.

As a PARENT, I found this camp to be remarkably well-run and organized.  There was excellent communication and information for parents, the days were well-organized and well-structured with skill-building activities, and the camp itself was extremely well-staffed  with friendly and personable people.  Each day my son came home (once I could DRAG him away from the gym!) brimming with the information and the skills he had learned or worked on that day, and full of the stories of the wonderful times he had.  He could not wait to leave for camp each morning, and ran through the doors of the gym as we arrived each day. I felt very comfortable leaving him there each day, knowing he would have a wonderful time, and be well taken care of.  The fact that even lunch had been considered and was available for purchase and delivery only served to make this  camp even more attractive for busy parents.

As a TEACHER, I was particularly impressed by the report card each student received at the conclusion of the week.  This verified for me that the children were not only having fun and practicing their basketball skills, but that they were being individually evaluated and having their instruction tailored based on individual need.  Truly, then, this was an INSTRUCTIONAL sports camp.  I was also impressed by the thought and care that had obviously gone into the planning and putting together of the program.  John obviously put a great deal of time and thought into the development of this camp.

There is no doubt in my mind that we will be signing Austin up for this camp again next year.  I highly recommend it to anyone considering a sports camp for their child!”

Marybeth Simpson-Steeber

“Dear John,

I wanted to thank you for providing our son, Graham, with such a fun (and educational) basketball camp experience through “Hoops There It Is.”
Although Graham did not know anyone in the camp, and was the youngest camper (two factors which would usually concern me), the great personalities of your instructors coupled with the friendliness of the other kids made it one of his favorite camps ever! Also, while I was initially worried about the age groups being combined, I think it made it extra fun for Graham, who was always cheered on enthusiastically by the older kids.

Graham has already spoken about going back to your camp this summer. We’ll look forward to seeing you again at that time!”

Best Regards,

Laura Studwell