About Us

Our Philosophy:

I have been involved in sports since I was four years old and have enjoyed the entire journey. Today, I am a family man who enjoys working with the youth of all ages. I started this camp with the goal of creating and maintaining a safe, and fun place for children to learn the game of basketball and sportsmanship. That is why: Every game requires all players regardless of skill to touch the ball every possession. Better players learn to play as a team and less-skilled gain confidence through the constant exposure to the game experience. Points are scored through applying the skills learned and through traditional baskets scored. Players enjoy success through playing the game the right way. I am the head coach and I have three assistants and a site manager to meet the needs of the twenty five players a week. We not only learn their names but their strengths and weaknesses and improve both through the constant one on one attention that we have grown to expect of ourselves. Your child is treated like an individual and he/she learn all the “FUN-da-Mentals” of basketball and so much more…

Biography John McGuire “Coach”

Occupation: I have been an educator for the past thirteen years. The last eleven years at Roosevelt School – Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Educational advancements:

I have a Master’s Degree in Administration/Supervision from Walden University. April 2009 (GPA 3.8)

Coaching Resume:

In Elizabeth School District:
2003-Present – Boys Middle School Basketball (2009 District Championship)

2001-Present – Boys Middle School Soccer (Three district championships 2001, 2007 & 2008)

2000-2003 – Referee – Boys Middle School Basketball

2001-Present – Boys Middle School Baseball (2nd place in District in 2009)

2007-Present – Middle School Track

Cranford experience:
2002-Present – Referee – Cranford Basketball Recreation (grades 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th).

2003-2007 – Coach – St. Michael’s girls

2005-2006 – Umpire – Girl’s Softball

Hoops There It Is Basketball Resume

2007 – Our camp was established with 57 players in our first year. (3 weeks)

2010-Hoops There It Is Basketball extends into a FULL YEAR PROGRAM. We are runing successful clinics for preschoolers through middle school.

2010-Baseball training teams.

We have an extended staff which includes pitching coaches and catchers for private sessions, and hitting coaching.

2011-established an AAU boys program  15U and 12U.